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Making the world go round

Attention all Tech PR gurus! Some say love actually makes the world go round. The cynical claim it’s money, while the literal declare it’s gravity. We’d add technology to this list, because increasingly, it’s everywhere, helping us do everything (aside from finding a cure to the common cold, sadly). So it’s an incredibly exciting time to be around it, even if you’re not the brain-bursting person creating it.

Those in Tech PR will already know that you do need an impressive brain of your own to do the job well. Because the key here is the ability to understand all kinds of high-level information and turn it into simple sense that illustrates what it means for people. Because of course most people are happy to enjoy, say, adding cat ears to their profile pictures without really caring how it works.

You’ll also need a mind creative enough to express it all in engaging ways, a sharp grasp of tech business, media and influencers and an enviable ability to switch modes from trade to consumer in a zeptosecond*. This will win you the heartfelt trust of your clients and the ready ear of your audiences.

But never forget cultural fit beyond all this. All the above is important, but it’s better for everyone if the role we find together in Tech PR is one in which you want to stay, shine and thrive. And there’s no app for that.

* A zeptosecond is one sextillionth of a second, though being totally honest, we did have to look that up.