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Here at BoldMove, MD Julia Fenwick is incredibly proud of her 🇧🇷 Brazilian heritage and we know how difficult life can be there. When asked to support a fantastic project to build a skatepark in the Maré Favela in Rio, we couldn’t help but say ‘yes’. We are very excited to see it completed and here are the results…

Maré is a vibrant place full of young people with creative energy. It is also affected by extreme violence. Gun battles lead to frequent school closures and civilian fatalities are common. In 2018 there were 16 police operations, 27 clashes between armed groups, 10 days with schools and health posts closed due to violence and 24 fatal victims during confrontations.

Here is a hair raising report from Damian Platt:-


"Building a skatepark in one of Rio’s most toughest neighbourhoods was a big challenge!

A delay in getting authorisation from the local “powers” (de facto rulers of the favela) led to a delay in getting the space ready. From the beginning we worked against the clock with only three weeks to deliver a top quality skatepark. The highly motivated team of volunteers.

Working conditions were good but there were risks of electric shocks (from wires pirated off the main grid). Our water supply came from unofficial pipes and burst a few times. However, there were no accidents!

The skatepark was completed in a twenty-one day period with only took two days off. One of these was because of a police operation. Heavily armed military police raced around the community in jeeps and armoured cars exchanging gunfire with local gangsters. It’s called the War on Drugs. Wisely the skatepark team headed to the beach!

The only other hiccup was a run-in with the local concrete company. Apparently one sole concrete company (not the one we were using!) has the “right” to operate in Maré. One afternoon representatives of the “official” local company turned up, with demands for a backhander to allow the company we were using to operate on their turf. This was only resolved with a lot of negotiation and hedging of bets but no backhander!

The Skatepark on 11 August. The community has embraced this state-of-the-art facility made by skateboarders for skateboarders which is already one of the best in Rio! We have opened up a space of hope and opportunity."

Scroll through the pictures to see the project.

Neil Fenwick