Now we ARE 2


It feels like yesterday that we set up BoldMove as career consultants for the brave. And it's been a bit like having a child: we've done a lot and been so busy 'raising' the company and yet it still feels like we've blinked and two years have simply slipped by. But looking back, what a two years it's been...

We’ve built up a fantastic client portfolio – including both agency and in-house – across PR, Comms, Digital, Public Affairs, Healthcare, Events and Marketing. We’ve matched and (bold)moved*some truly amazing candidates. We’ve helped our clients build teams and talent strategies. And we’ve even put together a whole new consumer division for a global agency.

Which is a lot, we think you'll agree. But there's more; we don't do laurel-resting, except on our own time.

*Sorry, couldn't resist it.



We've gone Public.

We've set up a shiny new Public Affairs Jobs desk run by Amanda Johnson and are already working with some of the best companies in this space. But being Bold, we'd like to do so much more.

Get in touch with Amanda on


BM 2.jpg

We had a makeover.

Some lovely people (who, for reasons of anonymity, we will call the Shaftesbury Massive) helped us create our spectacular new branding, website, marketing plan and so much more. And we’re really rather pleased with it all, so thank you very much, Massive.



We're having a Moment.

As huge fans of PRMoment, we were rather chuffed to be asked to partner them as a Recruiter of Choice and run their ‘PR jobs of the week’ section. Which we are still doing, so do please go and take a look. You might even find a PR job.



We joined APSCo.

Not many companies in our space have been rigorously scrutinised by, and approved to be a member of, the Association of Professional Staffing Companies or APSCo*. But we wanted all our clients and candidates to have the assurance that we're approved and official, and your futures are safe with us. Shame they didn't send us a badge, but we did get this shiny balloon.

*Not to be confused with the Asia-Pacific Space Co-operation Organization. Though that sounds like fun too.



We're all over GDPR.

We’ve been to a few conferences and worked with APSCO to get ourselves totally GDPR-ready for next month. But as we’ve always worked ethically and honourably, and asked our candidates to let us know in writing where we can share their data, thankfully it hasn’t been too much of a change for us. So we're ready when you are, GDPR.



So as you can see, we've hardly been sitting around playing online bingo* and intend to continue this drive for career search domination into the future.

That said, we will be having a small party to celebrate – a bit like this one, but with bigger people and more wine. Thank you for reading this and we hope to speak to you very soon. Now back to matching and recruiting PR jobs and Public Affairs Jobs.

*Not that we do that anyway. We spend much of our spare time making soup.