Why do we do what we do? To empower those working in the communications industry to do their best and be their best.

We see the bigger picture through the eyes of our communications industry partners and our talent. Folding diversity and inclusion into our recruitment practice, we forecast and foster your specific needs through trusted collaborations, comms consultation and being aligned with your growth strategy.

Honesty is the only policy.

For too long, the recruitment industry has been made up of bad guys racing to the lowest cost. We’re here to readdress the balance, ensuring authenticity is a necessity, not a nice to have. We’re always honest with our partners and talent. We say the real thing, not the easy thing, and we expect the same level of truth right back

Do it with passion or not at all

Our unique model is born from our commitment to bettering the comms industry; from the work, to the diversity of talent. We love this industry, and it shines through in everything we do. Through our success, clients and talent come together to produce significant, unforgettable work. We get to play a part in that. What’s not to get excited about?

If it ain’t broke, break it

The comms industry is evolving, and fast. We’re forging a new talent solution primed for the evolved agency, and we’ll never stop seeking more efficient, effective and inclusive ways to transform agencies for a better and more colourful tomorrow.

High standards, no apologies

We don’t believe in settling until it’s right. Our business is built on accountability and adaptability, which means our standards will never waiver. We look for the same commitment to standards through the agencies and talent we work with.

Hiring without haste

We’re against the toxic chop and change style of old recruitment methods. Everyone is a part of our talent pool, no matter your race, ethnicity, physical ability, location, financial history, the list goes on. The strongest companies are built with the biggest variety of talent. Fact.

There are 80,000 working hours* in your career, and most of us spend at least a small part of that in jobs that turn out to be the wrong one.

So we set up BoldMove to make sure that, for as many people as possible, this never happens. By putting insight and instinct at the heart of PR, Public Affairs and Digital career search and recruitment, we can match great people with great roles in which they’re happy. And you know what they say about happy hens.  

There are amazing, multi-talented people in the Public Relations, Public Affairs and Digital Marketing industries; and there are rewarding, multi-dimensional roles. At BoldMove, we simply want to bring the right matches together. And because we take the time to better understand businesses, agencies and candidates, as well as trusting our own instincts, this is exactly what we do. And with decades of comms industry experience between us (not to mention a fair few years of recruitment know-how too), we know what we’re doing.

We’d also like to do it for you.

*On average, according to a source (which we’ve since forgotten, to be honest).