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How to be all over everything all of the time

Errrrmm, you may say. How can anyone be all over everything, let alone all of the time, you may think. But when you work in general Lifestyle PR, you kind of need to be. That said, it’s not as hard as it sounds – and if you work in the Lifestyle PR area, you’ll know that already. It’s about knowing where the next ‘moments’ are going to happen and being there when they do. Right place, right time – and crucially right people.

Knowledge, therefore, is power: knowing who, of the people to know, is wearing what, holidaying where, spending how much, doing their make-up how, getting facials with whom. Because you’ll cover all those things – fashion, beauty, luxury goods, health & fitness, travel, etc – and you need to be as down with it all as it’s possible to be. But if you know the right people, that’s easier, as they do all those things anyway. Lucky them.

Creatively, you’ll need to be stylish; clever in an understated, elegant way. And while you’ll obviously need to know your influencers, you’ll also be able to put together strategies as effective as you are, in a space where there are more of them than, say, there are sheep in New Zealand*.

As well as that – plus energy, boldness and charm, of course – there’s the cultural side. You want to belong, we want you to belong and the people you’ll be going to work with want it too. But don’t worry; we don’t fill roles – we fit them.

* That is, of course, a complete guess. But you get the idea.