Food and Drink PR Recruitment and Headhunting

What can you bring to the table?

Food and Drink PR sounds like a delicious dream, doesn’t it? Tastings here, lunches out there and glitzy, boozy events in bars everywhere. Well, while there’s a bit of that (and why on earth not?), there’s also a lot of furious work done behind the scenes, both strategically and creatively, to make it appear to be the smoothly and elegantly executed PR that everyone else sees. Like swans, really, but a lot less vicious when threatened.

While we’re not going to be so desperately unoriginal as to list the ‘ingredients’ needed for ‘creative PR chefs’, there are certain skills you’ll need in order to get ahead. Knowledge is paramount – of audiences, of influencers, of nutrition and of sustainability. The more expert you are, the more you’ll be trusted, which always helps when building and maintaining relationships. And while relationships are always important (unsurprisingly) in Public Relations, they’re crucial here.

Creativity is another key skill in an area that’s traditionally been quite straightforward. But that’s changed and there’s now a need for more hestonblumenthalish* thinking, as well as sharper, smarter social media minds. That said, you’ll have to be at your cleverest to keep the end result brilliantly and resonantly simple.

So not much to ask then. Luckily, cultural fit is as important as any of it. If you belong in a role and a culture, then the rest can often follow. It’s what we believe – and our clients do too.

* We know this is not an ‘official’ word, but we have submitted it to be included in the 2020 Edition of the OED. I mean if ‘dorgi’ (a cross between a dachshund and a corgi) can make it, surely anything can.