FMCG PR Recruitment

The clue’s in the title – fast-moving. Well, are you?

If you’re looking in this space, then you most likely are – and you need to be. We’re always on the hunt for FMCG PR candidates with the reflexes of a cat, the loyalty of a dog and the unexpected brilliance of a unicorn. Yes, it’s a lot to ask, but it’s a demanding sector – and these days it takes a bit more than the usual photo opp and celebrity appearance to keep clients happy.

The FMCG PR rulebook is changing and you need be all over it. First and foremost, of course is the need for properly clever creative – the ability to have an idea and twist it and twist it again, so that it stands out in one of the loudest of markets. Oh you’ve got to have energy – bottomless wells of it – because there’s very little time to sit down for a cup of milky tea* and a short nap.

You also need a deft grasp of influencer strategy and engagement, clever social media builds and, increasingly, a good understanding of a brand’s social purpose. After all, consumers want to know that a product is not just good for them, but good for the wider world too – and FMCG brands are more and more focused on proving just that.

But whether we’re looking for candidates in agency or in-house roles, cultural fit is ever important. We find FMCG PR superstars who we believe will do more than just work – we find people who’ll belong.

* Bold Move believes that all milky tea should be made illegal. The chances of our taking power and turning this into law, however, are very small indeed.