Corporate PR Recruitment and Headhunting

Choose life…

If you ask us – which you probably weren’t planning to do, though maybe somebody should – Corporate PR needs to change its name. The word ‘corporate’ suggests some pinstriped fat cat* looking smugly from a glossy prospectus, safe in the knowledge that he’s got his all his shares to fall back on in a time of crisis. It suggests facelessness and grey corridors. And that’s not what it’s about at all.

Traditionally, it’s been about businesses building relationships with other organisations, talking seriously about markets and audiences, profit and loss, partnership and innovation. But like Consumer PR, it’s all changed too. More and more, Corporate PR involves talking to everyone about who your clients really are, what they really do and why they do it in the first place. It’s storytelling about the purpose of business – and that sets you free.

You have more freedom than ever to be creative in the articulation and expression of that story. You take on the challenge of talking simply and meaningfully to the wider world on behalf of your clients. And you have the chance to communicate something deeper and more worthwhile – and get people talking, thinking and believing. 

Corporate PR Recruitment is in a very interesting place; and it needs some very interesting people to move it forward. And that sounds a lot like you.

* No cats of any size were harmed by this comment, we promise.