Consumer PR, Recruitment and Headhunting

Choose life…

Choose an (expletively) big television, washing machines, cars, electrical tin openers, leisurewear and matching luggage, a three-piece suite on hire purchase. If you’re over 30, you’ll recognise that; if you’re not, then maybe not*. But it sums up the gist of Consumer PR recruitment pretty well – you’re working with the stuff of our everyday, and building relationships between the brands that make them and the customers they serve – that is, people out there on the street, in shops, in bars – everywhere.

When compared to Corporate PR, Consumer PR has the reputation of being the traditional younger sibling of the two: more creativity, more frivolity, more energy, more luxury, more disruption, more celebration. But while some of this remains true, the difference is nothing like as marked as it used to be.

Yes, you have more scope to be quirkily creative, more liberty to make it fun and more freedom to escape limitations. But as with Corporate, there’s now a need to tie all you do to a brand’s purpose, to make all you do meaningful – as it should be. Thinking needs to be more strategic, which in itself is an intellectually intriguing challenge.

In short, you’ve got to find that perfect balance between playful and purposeful. And you can do that with your eyes closed, surely?

* It’s from Trainspotting, of course. If you’ve not seen it, do.