if it is like it is,
tell it.


We work with companies to develop their Public Relations and Public Affairs teams.

Nobody likes a friend who fails to tell you the truth. And because we like to consider ourselves friends of the businesses and agencies we work with, we consult with honesty* and (admittedly well-judged) directness when needed.

So if you do need an objective but understanding outside view on all search-related things, we can do the following:

  • Refer new business where appropriate, when asked for agency recommendations

  • Advise on acquisition searches for agencies looking to add an instant but relevant new dimension to their offering

  • Review and/or redefine your employer brand and how you are positioning yourself in the marketplace

  • Give guidance around current teams – for example, talent mapping, accessing the current skill-set compared to the current need, recommendations for restructure and talent pipeline planning and change management programmes, so that culture you’ve created flourishes

So please call us if we can help in any of these areas. Sometimes it takes someone from outside to really understand what’s needed inside. Weirdly.

*They say that drunk people, children and leggings always tell the truth. We are (generally) none of these things, but you'll still hear the truth anyway.