Why BoldMove for your next PR Job or Public Affairs Job?

There are 80,000 working hours* in your career, and most of us spend at least a small part of that in jobs that turn out to be the wrong one. So we set up BoldMove to make sure that, for as many people as possible, this never happens. By putting insight and instinct at the heart of PR and Public Affairs career search, we can match great people with great roles in which they’re happy. And you know what they say about happy hens.  

There are amazing, multi-talented people in the Public Relations and Public Affairs industries; and there are rewarding, multi-dimensional roles. At BoldMove, we simply want to bring the right matches together. And because we take the time to better understand businesses, agencies and candidates, as well as trusting our own instincts, this is exactly what we do. And with decades of comms industry experience between us, we know what we’re doing.

We’d also like to do it for you.

*On average, according to a source (which we’ve since forgotten, to be honest).

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We take the security of your personal information and CV seriously.  It’s what defines you after all.